Review: Ion Color Brilliance Dye Stain Remover

Last weekend I was left all alone to my own devices so I DYED MY HAIR A NEW COLOR. I wasn’t really feeling the violet hair that I had at the time so seemed appropriate to switch back to my personal favorite hair color, Jet Black. I’m an independent woman so I slathered the dye all over my hair myself. The color is solid and even, however, believe it or not I can’t see the back of my head! I ended up getting dye all over my ears and the nape of my neck.

It wasn’t so bad, having odd grey splotches all over my head, except for the fact that I had to present a speech in front of one of my classes a few days later! I had to act fast. None of the at-home remedies I found online worked quickly enough for me. I tried hair spray, baking soda, rubbing alcohol…all with very, very little success.

Long story short, I popped by my local Sally’s Beauty Supply store and picked up a couple packets of Ion Color Brilliance Stain Remover, which is basically a little wipe designed to specifically get rid of hair dye stains on skin post-dye job.

ion hair stain remover

To use this product all you have to do is hold the little towelette over the stain for 30 seconds and then rub the area with a wipe (the package says to rinse thoroughly but I just rubbed it down with a makeup remover wipe). You can use one wipe for multiple stains or until it dries out. I used one little wipe for all of the stains on my head! It was amazing!

Ion’s Color Brilliance Stain Remover worked like a charm! It was simple to use and extremely effective. There were a couple of spots I had to go over twice, but that was expected. This product made me wonder how people lived without the luxury of modern technology for so long. A true miracle! And all for the low price of $0.79 per packet!

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