Outfit Of The Day #1

Ah, yes! Back in December 2013 I kicked off my Outfit Of The Day journey with this simple but sleek T-shirt/skirt combo featuring my Pixies Production Inc tee.

I managed to survive the bitterly cold month of January this year with my comfy My Chemical Romance sweater. Remember how psyched I was about getting in on sale the my local Hot Topic Outlet?

As it slowly began to heat up I called upon the good ol’ Ghostbusters to keep me looking on point.

Mid-February I decided to be bold and go to an Adventure Time themed rave. My Prince Gumball games was strong!

The topsy-turvy Texas weather makes it hard to figure out the temperature so in March I went with a v-neck, skirt, and tights. If it was sunny I was good and if it was a bit chilly I could throw on my black leather jacket and be good to go!

In April I hit the pastels hard! I wanted to mix things up and went without my classic black skirt for once. Turns out taking risks can have some pretty high rewards!

Pastels + Superheroes. What more could a girl want??

My wardrobe contains a plethora of fun outfits much like the ones shown above. Would you like to see more OOTD posts on Loitering Lion? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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