Treat Yo Self!

Treat Yo Self, a term many of us have picked up from Amy Pohler’s Parks and Recreation, are words I sincerely live by. Maybe a little too much, to be completely honest. But what’s wrong with that? I’d rather be so pleased with being myself that I always come up with excuses to treat myself nicely than be down in the dumps and beat myself up about every little thing.


Don’t get me wrong! I know what it feels like to not be happy being myself. I’ve been there (but haven’t we all?). The question I ask myself, however, is how I got out of that state of mind.  How did I go from being too ashamed to look at myself in the mirror to being a borderline primadonna? (I’m kidding I’m not a diva I just listen to a lot of Marina and the Diamonds).

Stop Caring About What Others Think Of You – IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT ANYONE THINKS. It really doesn’t! They don’t have to live your life, you do so do what makes you happy! Don’t let assumed judgments hold you back. It’ll do nothing but keep you from reaching your full potential.

Focus Up On You – Think about how YOU feel. Do what YOU want to do. Look the way YOU want to look. Talk to who YOU want to talk to. It’s not selfish as long as you don’t get too crazy with it! Focus on your personal growth rather than focusing on what the people around you are doing. You are a unique person. Why would you want to be like anyone else!?

Get Inspired – Create more! Get a hobby! Do what you love to do! There really isn’t a better feeling than doing what you love to do. For me, that’s creating posts for my website. Sometimes it may seem like a drag to pull out my giant pile of markers but in the end I never regret it.

Mix Things Up – Freshen up your life by upgrading…or…I don’t know how to make this one make sense. Let me just give you an example. When I feel like I’m in a slump I like to mix things up by getting a haircut, dyeing my hair a different color, or adding new styles to my wardrobe. As I’m sure you can imagine, I tend to mix things up a lot. Just try to bring in some new (if that makes any sort of sense)!

So, you see? There is no shame in treating yourself, my friends. As much as society may not want you to know it is actually perfectly OK to be perfectly happy with being you. Believe me, life is so much more fun when you’re not constantly wishing you were someone else. You are you and that’s not going to change so make the very best of it!

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