Mini Road Trip: Waco, Texas

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself within the past is it’s that I’m a pretty adventurous person. Mix that up with my tendency to be spontaneous and you’ll start to see a problem. A fun problem, but a problem nonetheless. The problem is that I love to arbitrarily run off and visit new places! People give me grief for not having my driver’s license yet but really it’s a good thing because if I did drive no one would ever be able to find me! I would drop everything in my life to go explore the world. Why should I care, anyway, right? I can get a great post of it! But, unfortunately, as cartoony as I may see sometimes I am actually a real person with a real job and real responsibilities. But, whatever! That’s not going to stop me from running off from time to time. In fact, a couple of weekends ago my roommate and I wandered off to Waco, Texas to visit the Dr. Pepper museum. The museum was pretty casual so I was able to snap plenty of pictures of your viewing pleasure.

dr pepper building

dr pepper 1dr pepper 2

The Dr. Pepper museum didn’t take nearly as long as we thought it would but no worries! I quickly googled other local attractions and found the directions to the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame (the cowboys, NOT the sports team!). I couldn’t get any pictures inside (I didn’t want to be rude) but I did pick up a few little souvenirs from the gift shop. Just a little something to remember how totally BADASS Texas Rangers used to be.

The Hall of Fame was a lot of fun! Krista and I got to see tons of old school guns (I’m talking like the late 1800’s, yall) and we even got to hold a couple. I bet you didn’t know that those guns are HEAVY. I don’t know how they did it. Camping out in the desert, chasing criminals down, riding around on a horse, eating beans out of the can…that is not the life for me! But lots of respect for the guys who could live that life and take down all sorts of criminals including the infamous Bonnie and Clyde. BANG, BANG!

Museums are such a blast! What is your favorite type museum to visit?

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