Katy Perry Remixes Playlist

As you all should know by now I’m obsessed with a handful of Katy Perry Remixes by Johnson Somerset and John Monkman. Their remixes have been in my Recently Played playlist consistently for a solid three months now. I’M IN LOVE WITH THESE REMIXES, OKAY? Just listen to them!

katy perry remixes albums

Anyway, the other day I decided that I wanted to make a hard copy of the remix album (it’s not an official album so I just organized a playlist with all of the songs) so I’ll never lose the tracks. Also, I’ve been really into hard copies of CDs lately so it would be a nice addiction to my little collection. I found the Katy Perry picture online and designed (and made) the album artwork myself.

blue album pink album

Aren’t the CDs just darling?? They turned out WAY cuter than I intended! I couldn’t be more proud of the results. And YES I realize there is only one of me and there are two CDs but that’s because I made the blue version for my friend, Jacob. He showed me a really awesome playlist of Adam Young tracks and I had to repay him somehow. What’s better repayment than Katy Perry?? NOTHING. NOTHING IN THE WORLD.

The playlist itself consists of the following songs (in order):

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