The Perks of Being Single

I cannot tell you how many people I come across on a daily basis that are constantly thirsting for companionship. They want friendship, love, sex, and romance wrapped up into one flawless human being topped off with devilishly good looks. People want the solution to all of their problems.

Well I hate to break it to you, honey, but relationships don’t exactly work that way. Honestly, you’re probably better off on your own. Or not. Either way, you life will feel much less miserable if you learn  how to be single. You can start by learning and accepting the perks of being single.

1) Freedom – You would not  BELIEVE how time consuming relationships are. So much commitment. So many compromises! When you’re single you have all the time in the world to focus on YOU. Enjoy the freedom and enjoy the personal space!

2) Less Stress – Who has time for anyone’s angsty bullshit? Well, when you’re in a relationship you better make time because that’s typically a part of the job. Single people can just tune all that crap out. We have no obligation to deal with these shenanigans.

3) No Judgments – Significant others generally aren’t supposed to judge each other but often times they are your worst critics. We’re young! We don’t have time for that! Everyone can just take their little opinions and shove them up their asses.

Speaking from personal experience, being single is incredibly fun! It’s important for people, especially teens, to learn how to be happily single. Contrary to popular belief, significant others don’t solve your problems. In fact, odds are they will complicate them. PLEASE JUST STOP PINEING OVER HOW SINGLE YOU ARE. If you’re single have some fun with it. Take control of  your happiness! Instead of drowning in the single life, rock it!  Again, it is PERFECTLY OK TO BE SINGLE.

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