Elly Writes

Ernest Hemingway once said “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Elly Belle relates to this quote deeply. She is an eighteen year old writer in New York City who often shares her writing with the world through her blog, http://mynameiselly.tumblr.com/. On her blog one can find poetry, prose, and various jumbles of thoughts, all beautifully crafted through the written word. Today thousands upon thousands of strangers read, understand, and relate to Elly’s work on the internet. The process to get where she is today, however, took time.

Elly’s journey as a writer began when she was only four years old. She began writing songs when she was six and began entering and winning poetry contests when she was eight. Between the ages of twelve and fourteen, Elly took a break from writing, but started again when she entered high school. “I started taking notebooks everywhere,” Elly remembers, “I started caring about writing again and I realized it’s something I’m really passionate about when it’s free and I’m not being forced to do it.” When she was in the eighth grade, Elly created a Tumblr. account and began to share her work through her blog. Since then her online presence has flourished. On her increased level of influence online, Elly comments, “The coolest thing is having thousands of people from all over the world following my writing and consistently telling me how it shapes them and what it does for them and what they can relate to. I never would have thought that was possible.”

As far as growing an online identity as a writer, Elly has a few pieces of advice. “If a main concern of yours is getting people to read and like your writing, you should look around at what’s been successful. Look at what topics people relate to the most and write about those. Or the best principle that I’ve always followed is just write what you want. Be passionate and invested in what you write and people will notice it naturally.”

Many of Elly’s pieces touch on self-love, which she believes is one of the most important things in life, though her writing doesn’t typically have common themes. She truly writes from her heart and the results of her work are beautiful.

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