On Sunday, August 11, 2013, YouTube beauty guru Zoella posted a message on her blog about her (not so much now) secret relationship with fellow YouTuber Alfie and the pressure on her relationship from shipping. Shipping is an online trend in which fans of people/characters/movies/tv shows etc. invent romantic couples in their fandom.


I personally don’t care when people ship fictional characters, but Zoe and Alfie are two very real people. Do shippers forget that the people they “couple up” are actual human beings with real feelings? Even if Zoe and Alfie were just friends, it’s hard to build a good friendship with tremendous amount of awkward pressure from shippers.

I’m not a fan of shipping the first place because often times the “evidence” fans find are totally out of context and/or flat out non-existant. The whole concept can be pretty irritating to me. Either way, shipping real people, opposed to fictional characters, is disrespectful.  Fictional characters are fair game but let’s do everyone a favor and leave the real people alone.

And don’t even get me started on fan fiction…

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