Review: Thor: The Dark World

This November Thor and his pals are going on a new adventure! One that is sad, cruel, and pretty freaking depressing. Thor, as angsty as we’ve ever seen him before, must save his crush (girlfriend? true love?) from being consumed by an evil force of energy while trying to keep a pack of evil elves from throwing the universe back into eternal darkness. And Loki gets involved, for some reason.


There were multiple elements that rubbed me the wrong way with this film. In the past several Marvel films the tesseract has been hyped up as the most powerful energy force in all of the universe but in Thor: TDW there’s suddenly an equally, possibly more, powerful force (this dark matter/venom lookin’ thing). Furthermore, of all of the trillions of people in all of the 9 realms the ONE PERSON who happened to stumble into this dark matter/venom force just so happened to be Thor’s kinda-girlfriend. The evil elves had creepy masks which was a nice touch, but it was cancelled out by how stupid their revenge plan was (or whatever kind of plan it was). Not to mention the fact that the final battle took place ON EARTH. WHY DOES ALL OF THE CRAZY STUFF JUST SO HAPPEN TO OCCUR ON EARTH. I know why. Because the writers of the film/comics are humans and we humans have a tendency to believe the ENTIRE UNIVERSE revolves around us. We are a spec of dust in the grand scheme of things. If we were that much trouble to the rest of the universe the other realms could just nuke us (or whatever their equivalent is).

Don’t look at me. Seriously, you creepy elves.


There were parts that I enjoyed as well. I loved Darcy, who I assume was put in the film to lighten the film a bit (though she didn’t. The movie was still a very depressing tale). I also loved Sif. She’s was so on point! She’s proof that women can have actual useful battle armor and still look totally cute.


Loki was a jackass. Loki was a bigger jackass. Loki was then even more of a total jackass. Orphans, dead people, gross hair, sad funeral, dark lighting, Loki Rude-Jackass Laufeyson, random romance, credits. That’s pretty much the movie in a nutshell.

Thor: The Dark World was unexpectedly dark. Marvel is known for it’s light, silly films riddled with bright colors and jokes. Thor: TDW was neither of these things, which was somewhat of a disappointment. My guess is that Marvel saw how popular Christopher Nolan’s Batman films were and decided to test out that route. I’m all for trying new things but really? Of all superheroes Marvel wanted to try this tactic on they decided to use Thor? Thor is supposed to be a happy good time (at least in my book)! I appreciate Marvel’s attempt at trying a new approach, but my favorite superhero is Batman for God’s sake. I already have more than enough superhero angst from supporting Mr. Wayne to last me a life time.

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