Zombie Halloween 2013

Let me be blunt. I don’t usually do much for Halloween. I’m sure last year the only thing I did was wear my “Spooky” Hello Kitty t shirt. I guess I never had much to do. This year, however, I got pretty into the festivities. In fact, my Halloween celebration lasted about an entire week! Let the recap begin!

Monday, October 28 

imageOne of the dorms on the edge of campus was hosting a haunted house. I’m a huge scaredy  cat, but I figured a student-run event could only be so convincing. I grabbed a couple of my closest friends on campus, Krista and Shannon, and hit it about around 9pm. The line was KILLER. So long! We were in that line for at least an hour. Periodically, a group of residents could shuffle outside in zombie-esqe attire and dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. I might have joined in if I knew the dance (I probably wouldn’t but it’s a nice thought). At one point the “Dougie” song… the “Wobble” song! It was the Wobble song. The Wobble song began to play and about 50 kids from the line ran out in the grass to dance to it. We line-stayer-iners shuffled forward without them. You snooze you lose, homie!

IMG_0794Anyway, the Haunted House itself was actually pretty freakin’ creepy. I screamed more than once! Students were dressed like all sorts of ghouls and would follow us while rambling about why we wouldn’t be their friend or some creepy crap like that. Shannon, Krista, and I were at the back of the line, but poor Krista was at the very end so all of the ghouls kept targeting her. The scariest part, I’d have to say, was when some demented clown was crawling at me from under a layer of black tarp. No, SIR! I was outta there quick!


Wednesday, October 30

IMG_0795I watched “The Shining” for the first time in my Basic Drawing class. It was a bit hard to understand, but I hear you have to read the book to really get what it’s all about. Mean ghosts. Haunted House. Also, Jack Nicholson scares me on a normal day. We really didn’t need to emphasize this by casting him as a psychopath. Let the nightmares begin.

After class, Krista and I dressed up like zombies for the Zombie Prom (hosted by the Residence Hall organization on campus). We showed up at about 8:30pm and the event ended at 9pm! How lame! On the bright side, I saw a couple of sexy Jokers, including one who looked like he’d show up at a Bachelorette party. Hmm…taking notes for the possible future (I kid!). Krista and my costumes were pretty sick, and we didn’t want to let it go to waste so we decided to hit up Jack in the Box and Walmart. We scared a few customers, to say the least. Good times!

Thursday, October 31, HALLOWEEN!



I had little to no plans for the actual day of Halloween, but it took a turn to the spooky side after about 11pm. Krista and I had Shannon over at our dorm to hang out (nothing unusual) when we decided to watch a scary more. This is new for me because, as I stated before, I’m a HUGE scaredy cat! The three of us bundled up with a bucket of Halloween candy (courtesy of Krista) and watched Scream. What a great film! I love how Sidney was a total bad-ass and fought until the end. Show those rude-ass murderers who’s boss!


All in all, Halloween 2013 was a blast! Here’s to thrills, chills, and potential comics based on the events of Zombie Halloween 2013!

P.S. I apologize for the lack of variety of photos in this post. I wasn’t originally planning on making this a written piece, but it ended up that way. Next time I’ll be sure to get photos of the actual events etc.

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