Popular Online Artist Strives For More

A quickly rising star on Tumblr., Sodam, is an 18 year old artist from South Korea. She posts her artwork on her website, as well as on her Tumblr. page.  I stumbled across her work on Tumblr. while I was looking at Captain America fan art. Her art caught my eye immediately because of the cute, clean, and bright style she has. The next piece of hers I remember noticing is her Star Trek piece. How adorable!

Sodam is very humble about her artwork. She started drawing at the age of six when she was in kindergarten. She started art during her afternoon art classes when she was in kindergarten, but didn’t get into cartoons until she was in the second grade. It was the beginning of her journey as an artist. When asked what got her into drawing Sodam replied, “In my friend’s house, I still remember that moment. My friend brought me a book that the title was ‘How to Draw a Character’. I was interested and I start to follow the drawing style and then I found my own drawing style and I came all the way until here.”

Much of Sodam’s inspiration comes from the movies. She picks what she draws based on what she’d like to see in her drawing style. As far as advice for other aspiring artist she says, “Well… I practice a lot. REALLY A LOT. Practicing is the most important way to improve your drawings. If you see my doodles I drew when I was in middle school, I bet you will laugh. They are awful. I also think that not having prejudice in drawing styles is one of the way to improve too.”

In the future Sodam would like to be a Character Designer. In order to get there she wants to attend art school I Seoul and generally improve as an artist.

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