Creative Costumes and Cosmetics

Ahhh…Halloween season is back again and this year we actually have cold weather (I live in a very hot region of the world, so this truly is a delight)! Because it’s the time of year for fun costumes and elaborate makeup concepts I thought I’d bring you a little inspiration. Drew Hart runs a YouTube channel about beauty, makeup and vlogs featuring many videos with Halloween-like themes. I’ve been subscribed to Drew’s channel,, for a couple of months now, but what grabbed my attention about his work was how great he’s been getting at it!

Drew Hart

 Drew Hart after his Evil Clown makeup tutorial.

Drew' Britney look
Drew’s Britney Spears inspired look.

Drew is inspired by much, including pop culture, various characters from all types of media, time periods, and themes. He uses the world around him to create ideas and adds a twist to make it his own. “In terms of people who influence me,” Drew stated, “other YouTubers such as Joseph Harwood, Michael James, Michelle Phan, AudFaced, and Goldiesterling just to name a few. Their creativity and their advice that they give in their videos really helps me figure out what to do and what to do with it.”

Drew's Pretty Little Liars costume
A Pretty Little Liars costume by Drew Hart.


Drew as none other than the Mad Hatter!


As far as where he sees his work in the future Drew said, “I don’t know what the future holds. I constantly change my mind and ideas about things. I hope that I’m still doing what I’m doing in 3 – 5 years and I certainly hope I improve, expand and share what I’m doing with a lot of people.”


To be completely honest with you, I’ve become quite the fan of Drew’s work with cosmetics and costumes. He has some amazing pieces out already and I see a lot of potential in him. I definitely plan on keeping an eye on him and you should, too! “There’s a lot more in the works,” Drew exclaimed, “I haven’t slowed down, and I don’t plan to! This is the tip of the iceberg and what has been shown so far isn’t my absolute best but it will come and I can’t wait!”

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