Blinded By The Stars

The “Belieber” fan base has been in the center of much controversy over the past three or four years. I know. That is quite a long time for a group of kids to cause trouble. But, Beliebers aren’t just any group of kids. They are a massive, seemingly under educated, mob to teens, tweens, and everything in between.

Belieber Cutter
Any fanbase that resorts to violence in order to express their loyalty clearly needs to thoroughly reassess their lives.


What’s astounding, though, is how blind Bieber’s more devoted fans are. Before I continue, have your mind blown by the following video segment of Jimmy Kimmel’s Lie Witness News demonstrating how blind these people are.

This display of sheer stupidity to be frightening. This is why many celebrities feel entitled. This is why many celebrities act like little shits. This mentality is why so many actors, singers, and sports stars can get away with essentially any crime they want, including domestic violence, child abuse, and rape.

Being famous doesn’t make a person better than anyone else. Not only is the Star Treatment complete and utter BS, is also screws over non-celebrities, including fans. If a Normal Nancy tried any of the nonsense Chris Brown or Lindsey Lohan pull they’d be prison in a heartbeat. Believe it or not, rehab isn’t optional for most people.

In case you forgot, tweeting at people like Chris Brown does here is SEXUAL HARASSMENT which is typically ILLEGAL.


The Star Treatment is disgusting. The sour attitudes of many celebrities is repulsive. The problem, however, begins with people, much like the ones shown in the video, who stand by and make excuses for the stupid and/or harmful behavior of celebrities. Let’s keep in mind that no one paid any attention to Amanda Bynes when she was healthy. It’s only when she flaunts her insanity when the public begins to “care” about her.

And, for the record, I highly doubt “Queen Bey” needed a WHOLE FLOOR of a hospital to give birth to her baby. Surprise, surprise! Other people needed to use that floor. It’s not like she’s the only woman on Earth to ever give birth. Give me a break.

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