Review: Garnier Ultra Color Hair Dye

Dyeing hair a fun and easy way to freshen up your look. At-home hair dye kits can be found at most grocery or drug stores are typically easy to use. There are so many colors and brands to choose from, however, and it can quickly become overwhelming to figure out what to buy. What can you do, though, other than read a couple reviews online, grab a box and hope for the best.

Recently, I tried to color my hair with Garnier’s Ultra Color in Golden Brown B3. I read through some reviews and got some mixed responses. Some people said they loved the product, and others claimed to hate it. I have dark hair, even after I dye it, so I decided to give Ultra Color a shot and see what is could do for my hair.




In the box– the package comes with an applicator bottle (labeled A), a pouch of color (labeled B), a small plastic container filled with an oil to help soothe the hair (labeled C), plastic one time use gloves, and easy to understand instructions.

In the box
In the box


I recommend reading the instructions at least a day beforehand in order to get a clearer idea of the process. It’ll allow your mind to become a little bit more used to the process before you actually do it. Also, even if you’ve used the product before reread instructions in case you forget any of the steps.

Application – I’m horrible at applying hair color on myself so I got assistance from someone else. Application was simple, and it was explained well in the instructions. The dye wasn’t messy, although it did smell worse than Garnier’s usual scent. It still smelt significantly better than other brands.

my hair results
My hair after using the Golden Brown Ultra Color.


Result – In the end my hair turned out far from Golden Brown. It’s not even close. Ultra Color did lighten my hair, but it’s an orangey brown rather than golden brown. I’m happy with the result, but I wouldn’t give credit to the product because it’s not anywhere near the result they advertised.


(source) (source)

I would not recommend Garnier Ultra Color to anyone. I like Garnier because they typically have effective products with a natural feel to it. Ultra Color, however, is a failure. There’s not a realistic way at this point for people with darker hair to get a drastic difference in lightening their hair at home without bleach. However, alternative hair color options I would recommend from Garnier are the Nutrisse and the Olia. You’re better off with those as far as a visual difference in the shade that you are actually aiming for.

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