Full Interview with Leslie Smeaton

In order to gain a more in depth perspective on the local band Full Service (based in Austin, Texas), I interviewed a friend of mine that has been a fan for many years.

Loitering Lion: What genre would you say Full Service is?

Leslie Smeaton: It’s kind of hard to say what genre they belong to. For the most part they have sort of a rock-ish sound. They’ve been labeled as Reggae many times but only a few of their songs sound like that, so I don’t completely agree with that label. They like to describe themselves as “the calm & the storm” because they go in-between from acoustic when they go on their 20-tours to more rocking when they play live electric shows.

LL: How would you describe their sound?

Smeaton: Their sound is definitely more unique from other bands I’ve heard. In my opinion, each of their albums seem to have its own main sound/feel to them. For instance, their album “The Dig” kinda has a gritty, rough vibe to most of the songs whereas “Roaming Dragons” sounds more peaceful and relaxed. They can be pretty diverse when it comes to their sound.

LL: When and how did you hear about them?

Smeaton: I first heard about them around 2008-2009 back when I was interested in drumming. I had taken a lesson from their drummer and when it was over, he gave me 2 CDs of theirs: “The Dig” and “The Earth Still Wants You.” At first I thought they sounded okay. But I started listening to them a little more and slowly realized how amazing they actually sounded!

LL: What is your favorite thing about Full Service?

Smeaton: My favorite thing about Full Service….they’re awesome in so many ways! But I guess one of the main things I like about them is how much they connect with their fans. They’re not that kind of band that’s like appreciative of their fans but don’t really interact with them. They actually genuinely care about their fans and take the time to talk to them and even befriend most of them. In reality, the fanbase feels more like a family and it’s just really heartwarming.

LL: How many times have you seen them live?

Smeaton: To date, I have seen Full Service live 5 times.

LL: What was your experience seeing them perform live?

Smeaton: Seeing them perform live is just the most incredible thing ever! From my experience, they just get more and more amazing every time! They’re so alive on stage and they really get into into the music! One of my favorite things about seeing them live is how Bonesaw (the guitarist) just becomes an embodiment of passion when he does his solos. He leans out, moves all around the stage, shows a little tongue every now & then…he lives purely in the moment and that’s one of the things that makes their shows so great to watch! I’m NEVER disappointed after a show! It always has me so pumped afterwards and my ears are ringing because I usually get as close to the front as possible! It’s just so…AWESOME!

Follow Leslie Smeaton on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RockRebel_94

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