Online Romances

Online romances are an actual thing, apparently. People “fall in love” and commit to others via the internet. Have I been living under a rock or does this seem kind of odd? I’ve observed a few (possibly staged) cases of this online romancing through the MTV show Catfish.

Catfish the TV Show
Max (left) and Nev (right)


Catfish is about Nev, a guy who has been heartbroken by an online relationship, who travels around with his cameraman buddy Max and help people around the country find and meet their online significant other. The show attempts to focus on the possibility of love, but 9 out of 10 times the significant other is lying about who they are and are using a fake social media account.

Is it really too hard to pursue love in real life? It’s interesting to hear the different excuses people have for running phony accounts and leading someone on romantically for anywhere between three months and ten years. That’s right. Years. Many of these people, from both ends of the online relationship, have serious self-esteem issues. Hiding behind a fake online profile has become an outlet for a surprising number of people. These people use a fake persona (or multiple) online to cope with their personal issues instead of facing them. Others do it simply to manipulate others.

I don’t see how dating online is wise, but maybe I’m just old-fashioned. I prefer to get to know a potential love interest in person. Building relationships is complicated enough without adding more obstacles with technology. If you are, however, interested in dating online you should consider abiding by the following guidelines:

  • Skype is your friend. Don’t believe anyone’s claim of identity until after you’ve either seem them in person or have a video chat with them.
  • Be suspicious is they person you’re talking to says they want to meet you but they “just can’t”.
  • Furthermore, if they don’t send you many photos of themself don’t send any back. This is another classic sign of a fake persona.
  • If a situation online seems too good to be true it probably is.
  • Be careful! You don’t actually know people you meet online. There’s always going to be a chance you’ll meet someone who is dangerous. Be cautious and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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