Man of Steel Trailer Review

This summer the new Superman movie, Man of Steel, will be released in movie theaters. The official trailer has been dropped and it’s clear the film will focus on Superman’s origin story. It appears that the it will touch on Superman’s birth as well as his childhood. It also seems he will grow up to save the world from extraterrestrial evil.

I’ll be honest, I only know the bare minimum about Superman. His character never interested me. I’m looking forward to this film, though. It looks like it’s well done and it certainly seems to have a great cast. Henry Cavill genuinely looks like Superman. I know I shouldn’t get my information about superheroes solely from movies, but Man of Steel will be a good start in my exploration of Superman.

Man of Steel has a lot to live up to after Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. Unbelievably, this it actually looks like it has a shot. I personally don’t believe any superhero movie can beat The Dark Knight, but it’s good to know that DC intends to continue going about the well-done and thoughtful approach of making films (as they should, considering how much of a flop Green Lantern was). I’m looking forward to Man of Steel and you’ll definitely be able to catch me at the cinema shorty after its release date, June 14, 2013.

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