8 Mandatory Hygienic Basics

I’m all for low maintenance beauty. I live it every day. There is, however, a line between low maintenance and simply being gross. Most of this is common sense, but every now and then people may need a little reminder. Let me emphasize the fact that these tasks are NOT OPTIONAL.


1) Take a shower & use soap – Skin gets greasy and needs to be cleaned regularly. And, no, standing underneath the water isn’t enough to get clean. Scrub those armpits! Scrub those toes.

2) Brush your teeth – Everybody on Earth has naturally horrible breath. This is most likely due to all of that food decomposing in the mouth. The only way to combat this is by brushing them. Teeth aren’t very useful when they’re rotten nubs, as it turns out.

3) Wash your hair – Did you know that hair actually has a scent? You may not smell the crust in your hair, but trust me, everyone else can. Plus, greasy hair leads to breakouts on the skin. A double whammy.

4) Comb those locks – As far a hair styling goes, combing/brushing hair is the absolute minimum. Even people with super, super short hair must comb their hair. Neglecting your hair could lead to a crazy rat’s nest-esqe look you were probably not anticipating.

5) Use deodorant daily – Arm pits are probably one of the worst smelling body parts. Why is the stench so strong?? Regardless, it must be dealt with. Deodorant is a definite must. Have fun with it a pick a great scent (Ice cream scent exists and it smells as good as it sounds. Unfortunately, I’ve only seen it in sample form once).

6) Clip your nails – Well-kept hands are important. Nobody wants dirty looking hands touching their belongings. Keep your digits looking fresh by removing polish when it chips greatly, washing underneath the nail, and clipping them regularly.

7) Use a fresh bath towel each week – Bacteria grows on damp objects. Using a fresh towel every week could help prevent you from getting sick or from contracting some sort of infection. It’s like washing your sheets once a week, except more important because of the potential fungus growth involved.

8) Wash your nasty hands – I don’t care if you “didn’t touch any pee” when you went to the restroom. You touched your stinky genitalia so wash your hands! This applies to EVERYONE. Nobody wants your nasty germs! EW. Wash after you use the restroom. Wash after you get home from work/school. Wash before you cook/bake/handle anyone’s food. WASH YOUR HANDS! Don’t make me write a whole post about this subject. I will be detailed and I will scare you into washing your hands.

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