Review: Awkward.

Jenna loves Matty. Jenna gets rejected. Jake, Matty’s best friend, falls for Jenna. Jenna dates Jake. Matty gets jealous. Jenna still secretly loves Matty. The cycle continues.

Awkward. cover
From left to right: Jake, Jenna, and Matty


Awkward. is a comedy about a girl named Jenna who begins her sophomore year in high school in a huge full-arm cast. She tripped in her bathroom by accident, but her parents and peers think she was attempting to kill herself when she got injured. As her year progresses (each season is a semester) Jenna faces off with the rude and chunky cheerleader, dodges guidance from her insane counselor, and attempts to figure out her love life between the two guys, Matty and Jake, whom developed feelings for her.

This show is light-hearted, relatively cheesy, and quite witty. A large  factor of the entertainment level definitely comes from how notably attractive Jake and Matty are (#JennaPickMatty).

Awkward. is great if you’re not looking for a show to take seriously. I enjoyed this show immensely. I was surprised by the quality because I have no faith in MTV as a station, but I definitely recommend you kick back, grab a bucket of popcorn, and prepare to watch angsty teen love triangles unfold. Season 3 begins April 16 at 10/9c on MTV.

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