MC Lars Loves Me


 MC Lars tweets

Notice how he specifically mentioned my name. I’m so astounded by this that I can’t find an emoticon to accurately interpret my emotions.

I love MC Lars. He is a post-punk laptop rapper (his genre is often referred to as “nerdcore”). He’s so creative and incredibly intelligent. I remember buying his album This Gigantic Robot Kills back in 2009. I stumbled upon a song of his a few year beforehand (iGeneration) so I recognized his name. I decided to check out TGRK because Alternative Press magazine covered it. AP gave it a pretty rough review, but I’ve always liked to be the judge for myself. I ended up thoroughly enjoying the album. MC Lars writes such clever lyrics! He seems like such a cool guy and he has some serious rapping skills. Need proof? Watch this video of MC Lars freestyling  to Paper Planes.

Need I say more? And this man knows my name!

I don’t usually get excited over famous people, but MC Lars is different. He has genuine talent and he uses it to make the world a better place. Recently he has been creating songs inspired by books (literary rap) and touring. He continues to do activism work for suicide prevention, as well. He also occasionally creates short comics (that I find to be quite entertaining).

I admire how MC Lars uses the attention he gets from his music to spread positivity and expand the minds of others. He keeps it real and we certainly could use more people like him.

For more on MC Lars visit his official website

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