Mascara Commercials

Have you ever seen an advertisement for mascara and instantly wanted those luscious lashes? Even though I’m typically skeptical of what I’m told by companies about their products there have been a few occasions when a mascara commercial almost duped me. The keyword here is almost. Don’t let those fools trick you into spending more on unnecessary or average products.

 Let’s be real. About 99.99% of the women in those ads are wearing false lashes. I was bummed when I noticed this, too. No, Maybelline/CoverGirl/Rimmel etc. cannot make lashes instantly BOOM with only a single tube of mascara. Next time you feel tempted by an ad just remember these words: “that crap is fake”.

Maybelline mascara ad
FAKE. I’ve used this product before and the results were poor.


 Not to mention how over the top some of the commercial are. Has anyone asked why the “London Look” resembles having feather dusters glued to one’s eyes? Why is that even a trend?

CoverGirl ad
Notice how they’re trying to advertise mascara AND some random singer.

 And why in the hell would anyone need 30 strokes of mascara? Could someone please explain that to me? Unless having globby eyelashes is considered to be In. I think it’s safe to say that if you’re going into double digits with your mascara strokes then you’re probably doing it wrong.

Keep in mind that the cosmetic companies’ most prominent goal is to make a profit. They’re not actually trying to help anyone look good. I appreciate a little Maybelline, but I know their salespeople don’t give a hot damn about how I look after using their products. Furthermore, claims about “new and improved” formulas and brushes are most likely exaggerated or made up. Ask yourself, “Would I really be able to tell the difference between these products?” If not, you should consider going with a less expensive option the doesn’t include the extra frou frou on the box.

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