Social Security Hack Scandal

Various celebrities had pieces of personal information, including credit scores and Social Security numbers, published on the internet yesterday. Some of the victims include Britney Spears, Michelle Obama, Jay-Z, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Kim Kardashian. Allegedly a group of Russian hackers were behind the attack.



Had a group of average Joes, like myself, been hacked nobody would care. Most people would brush it off and be thankful it wasn’t them. Celebrities, on the other hand, provide a certain level of shock value so I expect the public to panic to some degree. Or simply laugh.

This situation, however, is not funny. It’s frightening to think that no matter what anyone does their most sensitive information could still be up for grabs. It’s awful to watch privacy fade away before our very eyes. Nobody deserves to have their SSN stolen or published. It’s a pain in the ass to simply renew a driver’s license. Think about how nightmarish it would be to get a whole new SSN.

Unfortunately, as unsafe as it is to give away Social Security information, we are still asked to do so by potential employers and universities. Identify me with a different number during the application process for crying out loud! Only the job/school a person is attending should expect to have their Social Security number. Everyone else can figure something else out.

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