Movie Review: Green Lantern

DC Comics is getting back in the game with their latest flick starring Ryan Reynolds as airman Hal Jordan. With all of the excitement for Marvel’s Avengers, DC has quite a bit to stand up to.

green lantern (source)

Green Lantern was your typical summer superhero movie. The guy gets the girl, saves the world, and everyone loves him. I totally expected that. Now for the specifics. I’ll start with the good.

The Good:

  • Ryan Reynolds. Knowing that he was the star was enough to make me have to go see it. You can’t expect a superhero flick to be any good without an extremely attractive main character.
  • Costumes and makeup. I’d have to say about 90% of the characters in the film were aliens, and most of them looked very believable. Some of this falls under effects, but I’ll get to that later.

The Bad:

  • The plot wasn’t adequate, even for a stereotypical superhero film. The worst was the climax, which was extremely weak. I don’t even know how the writers let that slide by, because the final battle is the biggest thing in these movies. It’s gotta be over the top! I’ve gotta be seriously rooting for someone to win! I was unmoved and unimpressed by the threat of the villain, the hero’s “struggle” to beat him, and the predictable cliffhanger at the end.
  • Some shots done on green screen were sloppy. If you’re going to spend $200 million on a project, you might want to iron some of these things out. I assume a large portion of this money was invested into the special effects (since about 95% of the movie was exactly that), so tell me why I consciously noticed how unrealistic some of it was. Still not impressed.

Other than that, Green Lantern wasn’t so bad. Maybe the fact that the character wasn’t that popular among the general public before the movie added to the general negative reactions of the audiences. I’m not worried about DC, though. Between The Dark Knight Rises and recent confirmations on a Justice League movie (I TOTALLY CALLED THAT!! CHECK MY THOR REVIEW BECAUSE I TOTALLY CALLED THAT!), DC will be back with a vengeance. Especially if they really cast Chris Pine as the Flash!

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