The Bieber Movie: Before

Tomorrow I’m going to go see the Justin Bieber Movie in 3D. I’m going because one of my friends asked me to go with her, and I also have a few questions about this film that I want answered first hand.justin bieber movie poster(source)

For instance, how on earth did these people manage to turn an hour and a half long concert/documentary video about Bieber into a full blown 3D experience? Does anyone really need to see his big head in 3D? No, but since the general public seems to be fascinated by big, shiny colors and virtual crap flying at them, why not? I’ve been told that concert footage in 3D is actually really cool, but I’ll have to see and judge for myself.

By the way, does anyone else notice what a total scam this Bieber movie is? An inspirational film about how Justin Bieber is just a normal kid who was lucky enough to become a tween idol pop star. I find this fishy because didn’t he just had his book published this past October that says pretty much the exact same thing about him? Is this movie just another way for Bieber to emphasize how normal he is? However, I can’t make a valid judgement yet because I haven’t seen his movie or read his book. None the less, I don’t expect this movie to be much more than a heaping load of inspirationally biased crap.

Even though I like Bieber’s music, and am even willing to go watch his movie, I refuse to waste any of my time on reading his fruitless book. It’s the little things like this that truly highlight the differences between the mildly interested and the crazed fanatics.

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