Quitting Alcohol

Since I’ve turned 21 I’ve enjoyed trying out different drinks and figuring out what I like. Right now I’m a fan of cheap pink wine, mimosas, and ciders. As much as I enjoy a drink here and there recently I’ve decided to quit alcohol.


Image by Jeremy Brooks via Flickr.

The main reason I decided to quit drinking is because it has been making hitting my fitness goals harder than it needs to be. It’s extra (and empty) calories and honestly, it’s not great for me anyway.

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Review: Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme

I touched on Too Faced’s Lip Injection Extreme in my monthly Ipsy bag post but since I’m such a big fan of Too Faced I thought I’d go ahead and talk about it a little more now that I’ve been using the product for a couple more weeks.


The Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme is a lip glass that plumps your lips at the same time. From what I understand the lip gloss irritates the lips enough to get them to puff up a little bit, making them look a little bigger.Read More »

What Is With Pumpkin Spice Lattes?

This is a question I’ve asked for many years. Not to anyone in particular because 1) I didn’t want to rain on anyone’s fall-themed parade and 2) it honestly isn’t that big of a deal. I’m going to say that again a little louder for the people with particularly strong negative feelings about the Pumpkin Spice trend: IT ISN’T A BIG DEAL.


Image by Silvia Storti via Flickr.

Anyway, for years I’ve been at a loss about why people get so crazy about the pumpkin spice latte craze until finally the day came. Yeah, as bizarre as it might seem I actually went on a limb and ORDERED ONE. I tried it!Read More »

Traditional Relationships

When I was 18 and leaving the nest I spent a lot of time getting to know myself as a person and thinking about the kind of person I wanted to be in the future. I thought about what I wanted for myself, including my expectations for potential relationships. One thing I never considered was me being in a traditional relationship in any shape or form.


Image by vic xia via Flickr.

I understand that most things in life are on a spectrum, especially human characteristics. When I was first stepping out into the world I saw myself in a “non-traditional” relationship in the sense that I would be completely dependent on my own personal finances, I would split cleaning and cooking 50/50 with my partner, I’d still rock my little mini skirts and crop tops, and I’d NEVER have a wedding. I didn’t even thinking I’d be in a serious relationship until I was at least 27 (very specific I know but I had a lot of free time to think these things through).

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Inspiration Collages #2

It’s been almost 8 months since my last set of inspiration collages, and considering how much as gone on for me this summer I think it’s about time I get back in touch with my inner me and make a fresh set!


As you can tell, I’m still obsessed with pink and flowers but I’m started to be more attracted to deeper, more muted shades opposed to my usual pastels. I love love love makeup (and I’m loud and proud about it now that I’m about to go to school for it). Long brown hair, sweaters & dresses, and The Neighbourhood. The photo of Wiped Out! even shows the song with my favorite lyrics from the album:Read More »

My Wellness Journey (Numbers And All)

I’ve been working on improving my health and wellness since the beginning of the year. I’ve made a lot of progress so far but not in the ways I expected. I definitely am more fit as far as ability to exercise (when I first went to the gym in January I swear I felt like my heart was going to pop) but I haven’t slimmed down as much as I would like.


Image by Becky Lai via Flickr.

For most of my life I was a little on the huskier side until the summer before my sophomore year of high school when I hit an all time high for me at the time, 140 lbs, and whipped myself into shape. I ended up getting down in 125 lbs but looking back I feel like my methods weren’t the healthiest.Read More »

Review: NYX Big & Loud Lash Primer

It’s been a minute since I’ve done a make-up review but I figured there is no better time to get back at it than now. Today I want to discuss my latest obsessions: NYX Cosmetics and eyelash primer.


Eyelash primer is a product you put on your eyelashes before you apply mascara to make your lashes look way longer. And YES it is one of the best beauty invention since the discovery of filling in eyebrows.

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How A Beauty School Almost Ruined My Life

Over the past couple of months I’ve been working getting enrolled into a cosmetology school. I’d zeroed in on one school in particular, Regency Beauty Institute,  and was going through the process of setting up financial aid when — POOF — the school shut down literally overnight!


Image by Image Catalog via Flickr.

It’s not a huge surprise to me that school shut down considering how much of a hard time they were giving me and my dad about money. Even when I was planning on start school in January they were rushing me to do the financial aid process in August. Even when I took the tour, which was only 10 minutes long, they immediately launched me into the application process.Read More »

MSU Game Day

A few weeks ago Austin and I packed up a duffle bag, crawled into my little Honda Fit and made the 10+ hour drive out to Starkville, Mississippi for the weekend. Austin’s alma mater Mississippi State University was having a game day and his family (many who have attended MSU or plan on it) were going to tailgate and attend the game.

my-bellSeveral things: 1) I’m typically a VERY nervous person when it comes to meeting important people and 2) I don’t know anything about school spirit or football. Last year when I first met Austin’s parents I was so nervous I could hardly eat so I sipped nervously on a couple mixed drinks all night which was a mistake since I ended up almost falling over in the parking lot (I think. I don’t quite remember).

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